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"...Filing a trade mark opposition is now the only way to stop your trade mark being hijacked"

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We are dedicated to providing you with free expert legal help on the new UK trade mark opposition procedure and how to oppose and defend trade marks that conflict with yours.

You need to take immediate steps to stop others who also want to register your trade mark, or who try to copyright names similar to your trade mark.

You can only stop them by filing a trade mark opposition. Unless you lodge an opposition at the Trade Marks Registry against anyone else who tries to register your name, you will lose the valuable power of your brand that you may have spent years developing.

Protect Your Registered Brands... or Lose Them for Good!

The recent changes in UK trade mark opposition procedure mean your brand exclusivity can easily be lost. You may not even know about it until you start losing business.

Under the new procedure you must assert your brand and trade mark rights, whether or not registered, against other businesses or competitors. Silence is not an option as you risk losing your exclusive rights to use your trade mark together with all of the goodwill in your business.The UK Trade Marks Registry at the UKIPO (UK Intellectual Property Office) will no longer automatically reject new names that conflict with registered marks. Unless you oppose these new applications by way of a formal trade mark opposition they will be registered and will dilute and potentially destroy the exclusive power of your brand.

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UK IPO Intellectual Property Office Letter

IMPORTANT: If you get an official letter from the UKIPO,
You need to ACT NOW!

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Free advice on how to oppose a trade mark in the United Kingdom. Also how to defend a trade mark, how to register a trade mark or challenge a trade mark. Trade mark is often misspelled trademark. We are specialist trade mark lawyers based in London, United Kingdom. We have many scenarios you may be able to relate to your trade mark issue. Contact us by telephone or email. Tel: 020 7749 2700 ask for Christopher Sherliker. Or by email to:


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